Cyber security remains a critical but often underestimated issue in the corporate world.

Our specialist consultants see this on a regular basis : managers have no choice but to rely on the sole and exclusive opinion of their service provider(s).

The question is : can they legitimately be judge and party (without being “against the other”)?

Often a company’s IT environment is functional and monitored by an internal or external resource. However, the monitoring is often limited to a verbal check by the person in charge: “Is everything OK? To which the automatic response is an enthusiastic and reassuring “Yes, yes! “But this confidence can conceal potential shortcomings.

Beyond the usual answers, the reality is simple : the person who initiated the security measures cannot be the same as the person responsible for monitoring them. This is where the functional and operational audit comes in, like a compass. It allows the gap between actual and desired security to be measured.

The initial audit is only the first step, as IT systems require constant maintenance. Vulnerabilities evolve, threats change, and what were once minimal flaws can become gaping holes for future attacks.

It is imperative to develop a true understanding of your cybersecurity situation. Anticipating risk means being prepared to respond to the unexpected. Trust is not enough; preparation is key. Allround Consulting offers a proactive and collaborative approach, followed by a regular assessment of the situation. In our ever-changing digital world, constant vigilance is the best defence against cyber threats. Let’s talk about it! Our team is at your disposal.