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Data Security : Your
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Assessing risks and vulnerabilities by identifying potential flaws and weaknesses in your systems.
Implementing protective measures by installing firewalls, anti-virus software and intrusion detection systems, and configuring security and backup policies.
Managing security incidents by setting up continuous monitoring of your networks to detect and respond to incidents quickly.
Staff training and awareness to reinforce the company's security culture.

Establishing risk reduction strategies

Reducing exposure

Identify and map your digital assets (on-premises and in the cloud, to know who you are digitally) to limit unnecessary visibility and potential attacks.

Increasing the level of security

Determine the necessary and sufficient digital perimeter and investigate the appropriate security resources and solutions (based on the principle of return on investment in the event of a disaster).

Awareness and continuous improvement

Once the first two stages have been completed, it is necessary to bring users up to the right level of knowledge and skills, and to maintain security levels (including covering operational risks with an appropriate cyber insurance policy, while outmaching exclusion prerequisites).


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